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Student Attire

Student Attire

Standard Student Attire (SSA) Guidelines for Neil C Twitchell Elementary school (2018-2022)

Colors: navy, burgundy/maroon, khaki, white, light/sky blue (​not​ turquoise or teal) *NOTE: Black is no longer an approved color.

SSA clothing must:

- Be solid in color (no stripes, designs, patterns or visible logos)

- No sequins, rhinestones, glitter, beads or similar embellishments

- Socks must be SSA colors if above the ankle (visible) ○ Outerwear (jackets, coats, sweaters, pullover hoodies, zip up hoodies, etc.) must be SSA colors to be worn inside the building.

- Denim/jeans are only allowed on free dress days.

- Leggings/tights/spandex exercise pants must be worn underneath garments that are at least fingertip length; not solely as outerwear or as pants.

- Hair accessories must be basic, in SSA colors and not have any embellishments on them. Accessories that include animal ears or costume like projections are not permitted.

- No unnatural hair colors, even temporary or small attachments

- Clothing cannot have any rips, holes or fraying in it.

- Skirts, shorts, dresses, etc...must be fingertip length.

- No nylon or jersey fabric sweat pants or bottoms.

- Shoes must be attached to the feet, with toes covered (no flip flops or sandals).

- All CCSD Dress Code expectations apply, as well.

Thank you for making sure our students are dressed for success everyday!

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